The Global America Pageant

Global America Organization
was established in 1999.

Global US Pageant was established in 2001

 The pageant was purchased

in 2011 by

 Ms. Global America


Global America Queens are Community Leaders.

The Global America system is a community service based pageant
 giving all Queens a way to promote their platform.

We do not require previous pageant experience.  

Miss Global America
Ages 18-29 single

Ms Global America
Ages 29-39 single, divorced, widowed

Mrs. Global America
Ages 18-59, married

Ms Global US
No Age Restrictions

Mrs. Global US
No Age Restrictions
Global America US
Global America US is the sponsor of the Global America Princess
and Jr. Miss Global America programs
Global America Ambassador
Open Division

Miss Charis

Miss Charis is the Global America Queen 
with the most community service
In Greek mythology,

A Charis is one of the Charites (Greek: Χάριτες)
or "Graces", goddesses of charm, beauty,

nature, human creativity and fertility.

All Contestants must be a natural born female.
US citizenship is not required
but all contestants must have a valid US visa.



Global America Pageant
is Pageantry for the woman who want to make a difference!

If you have the desire to compete for a national crown
and change the world,
 join the Global America family!

 The Global America Pageant is open to all women ages 18+